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Notes for Semiconductors

The semiconductors we sell are the ones that are harder to obtain (at least in the UK). This means they would probably not be stocked by your average high street component shop e.g. germanium based diodes / transistors. Germanium semiconductors were used in the vintage effects pedals. They have a different "warmer" sound when overdriven than their more modern silicon counterparts, but are now conventionally only used in high power applications.
They are all included in one or more of the BYOC kits, and provided here as a service to those who wish to buy only the PCB's.

Please check the BYOC instruction sheets to see which components you may require.

Also, see the Useful Links page, for component suppliers

"Gain Matched" means we hand select the transistors as a matched pair taking into account the gain ratings as they are measured. We reject as sub-standard approximately one third of the germanium transistors that are supplied to us. If you have specific requirements, in this area (high gain / low gain etc) please email us with details

Description Price (£)Remarks 
1N34A Germanium diode
Code: 1N34v2
icon image of product1.80 
2N5088BU NPN Silicon transistor
Code: 2N5088
icon image of product0.50 
2N5458 - N-Channel General Purpose Amplifier
Code: 2N5458
icon image of product0.75 
BA3812L - EQ Chip
Code: BA3812L
icon image of product3.50 
Silicon Transistor

Code: bc108
icon image of product1.00 
CA3080E - Operational Transconductance Amplifier
(Used in the compressor)

Code: CA3080E
icon image of product3.50 
LM308N Op-Amp IC
(Used in the Mighty Mouse)

Code: LM308N
icon image of product4.50 
MPSA18 Silicon transistor
Code: MPSA18
icon image of product0.70 
NJM4558D Dual High-gain Op-amp (JRC4558D)
Code: NJM4558D
icon image of product1.30 
2N5457 Silicon transistor (JFET)
Code: 2N5457
icon image of product0.75 OUT OF
AC127 Germanium NPN transistors (x2)
("Gain Matched" Pair)

Code: AC127
icon image of product5.50 OUT OF
OC75 PNP transistors
Matched pair

Code: OC75
icon image of product7.00 OUT OF


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