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Printed Circuit Boards (PCB's)

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We charge a MAXIMUM of £10.00 postage for UK orders on stompbox kits!

Notes for Printed Circuit Boards (PCB's)

In the recent past very few BYOC PCBs have been available to purchase separately. At the time of writing the only one generally available was the "Classic Overdrive" PCB. The other PCBs on this page are older stock.

If this situation changes and a range of PCBs becomes available again, we will certainly be stocking them!

IMPORTANT: Some of the components you need to build a effect pedal from just a PCB can be hard to find! Particularly certain transistors, and IC's (chips). Make sure you can source all the parts before buying a PCB. Look at the instruction sheets on the BYOC site. The BYOC site also provides a list of outlets which supply electronic parts.
We are currently sourcing some of the more "hard-to-get" components. See the "components" sections

If buying in bulk please contact us and we will arrange a special order.

Important information for non-UK customers

Description Price (£)Remarks 
PCB - 855 Drive
Code: PCB855Drive
icon image of product9.00 
PCB - Classic Compressor
Code: PCBclassicComp
icon image of product9.00 
PCB - Classic Overdrive
Code: PCBclassicOD
icon image of product9.00 
PCB - FET PreAmp
Code: PCBfetPreamp
icon image of product9.00 
PCB - Scrambled Octave
Code: PCBscrambledOct
icon image of product9.00 
PCB - Yellow Overdrive
Code: PCByellowOD
icon image of product9.50 
PCB - Divided Octave
Code: PCBdividedOct
icon image of product15.00 OUT OF
PCB - Triboost
Code: PCBtri
icon image of product11.00 OUT OF


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