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Micro Pedals

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Notes for Micro Pedals

These are the smaller micro kits. All kits are the newest versions (as on the BYOC main site) unless otherwise stated. NOTE: Because of limited space, you cannot use knobs with skirts larger than 16mm. All kits we sell include the correctly sized version.

Instructions for building BYOC kits

These are not included in the kit packaging in a printed format, but can be found on the BYOC main site, by selecting the kit in question. Instructions are in the PDF format. There will be a hyperlink to download the instructions document on the webpage for each kit.

Important information for non-UK customers

Description Price (£)Remarks 
27V Boost Kit
Code: micro_27v_boost
icon image of product46.00 
Kuzco Jr. Kit
Code: micro_kuzco_jr
icon image of product46.00 
Li'l Comp Kit
Code: micro_lil_comp
icon image of product46.00 
Li'l Echo (Unpainted)
Code: micro_lil_echo
icon image of product46.00 
Li'l Fuzz Kit
Code: micro_lil_fuzz
icon image of product46.00 
Li'l Gray OD Kit
Code: micro_lil_gray
icon image of product46.00 
Li'l Orange Phaser Kit
Code: micro_or_phase
icon image of product46.00 
Li'l Reverb
Code: micro_lil_rev
icon image of product47.00 
Li'l Reverb (Pink case)
Code: micro_lil_rev_d
icon image of product51.00 
Li'l Yellow OD Kit
Code: micro_yell_od
icon image of product46.00 
Mimosa Jr. Kit
Code: micro_mimosa_jr
icon image of product46.00 
Tremolito Kit
Code: micro_tremolito
icon image of product46.00 OUT OF


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