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Effects pedal kits

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Notes for Effects pedal kits

All kits are the newest versions (as on the BYOC main site) unless otherwise stated.

Instructions for building BYOC kits

These are not included in the kit packaging in a printed format, but can be found on the BYOC main site, by selecting the kit in question. Instructions are in the PDF format. There will be a hyperlink to download the instructions document on the webpage for each kit.

Important information for non-UK customers

Description Price (£)Remarks 
855 Drive
Code: 855_Drive
icon image of product65.50 
A/B True Bypass Looper (BYOC)
Code: ABloop
icon image of product40.00 
Amp Selector + Stereo FX Router
Code: amp_sel_fx
icon image of product78.50 
Analog Vibrato
Code: vb2
icon image of product131.00 
Armstrong Twin
Code: atwin
icon image of product78.00 
B.G. Fuzz Kit
Code: bg_fuzz
icon image of product60.00 
Bass Chorus Kit
Code: bass_chor
icon image of product69.00 
Blue Overdrive (Deluxe - Blue case)
Code: blue_od_dlx
icon image of product72.00 
British Blues Overdrive
Code: bbod
icon image of product56.00 
Classic Delay
Code: classic_delay
icon image of product65.50 
Confidence Booster Kit
Code: confb
icon image of product12.00 
Digital Echo & Ping Pong (Delay)
Code: dd_v2
icon image of product66.00 
Divided Octave
Code: divided_oct
icon image of product100.00 
El Distorto Segundo
Code: el_distorto
icon image of product65.50 
Green Pony
Code: grn_pony
icon image of product57.00 
Large Beaver Kit /w White and Purple Enclosure
Code: beaver_v2_white
icon image of product86.00 
Lazy Sprocket
Code: sg1
icon image of product65.50 
MOSFET Boost Kit
Code: boost_mos
icon image of product52.50 
Optical Compressor
Code: optcomp
icon image of product65.50 
Orange Distortion
Code: orange
icon image of product54.00 
Parametric Multi-band Compressor (Red finish /w decals)
Code: para_comp_dlx
icon image of product79.00 
Parametric Multi-band Compressor (unpainted enclosure)
Code: para_comp_pln
icon image of product69.00 
Parametric Overdrive
Code: para_od
icon image of product58.00 
Scrambled Octave
Code: scram_oct
icon image of product61.00 
Code: shred
icon image of product78.00 
Soaring Skillet
Code: Skillet
icon image of product105.00 
Super8 Programmable Looper
Code: super8
icon image of product175.00 
The Mimosa
Code: mimosa
icon image of product56.00 
The Mimosa (Deluxe - Orange)
Code: mimosa_dlx
icon image of product62.00 
250+ Kit
Code: 250
icon image of product43.00 OUT OF
5 Knob Compressor
Code: comp5
icon image of product80.00 OUT OF
Analog Chorus
Code: ch
icon image of product65.50 OUT OF
Analog Chorus Powdercoated
Code: ch_del
icon image of product70.00 OUT OF
Analog Delay
Code: analog_del
icon image of product125.00 OUT OF
Bass Fuzz: The Full Circle
Code: full_circle_pln
icon image of product53.00 OUT OF
Bass Overdrive
Code: bass_od
icon image of product57.00 OUT OF
Blue Overdrive (unpainted)
Code: blue_od
icon image of product64.00 OUT OF
Code: Chanc
icon image of product65.00 OUT OF
Classic Compressor
Code: comp_classic
icon image of product61.00 OUT OF
Classic Compressor
Vintage Upgrade Pack

Code: comp_class_upgr
icon image of product11.00 OUT OF
Classic Overdrive
Code: ClassicOD
icon image of product59.00 OUT OF
E.S.V Fuzz
(Extra Special Vintage - BC108 silicon)

Code: fuzz_esvbc108
icon image of product79.00 OUT OF
E.S.V. 2 Knob Bender
(Extra Special Vintage)

Code: mk2_esv
icon image of product86.50 OUT OF
E.S.V. Fuzz - Germanium Version
Code: fuzz_esvgerm
icon image of product83.00 OUT OF
Echo Royal (Unpainted)
Code: echo_royal
icon image of product93.00 OUT OF
Envelope Filter & Fixed Wah
Code: envfilt_v2
icon image of product55.00 OUT OF
FET PreAmp
Code: fet_preamp
icon image of product54.00 OUT OF
Germanium Boost Kit
Code: boost_germ
icon image of product52.00 OUT OF
Green Pony (Deluxe - Green case)
Code: grn_pony_dlx
icon image of product65.00 OUT OF
Large Beaver
Code: beaver_v2
icon image of product79.00 OUT OF
Large Beaver Kit /w Red and Chrome Enclosure
Code: beaver_v2_red
icon image of product86.00 OUT OF
Leeds Fuzz
Code: leeds
icon image of product65.50 OUT OF
Mega Chorus and Vibrato
Code: mega_chor
icon image of product72.50 OUT OF
Mighty Mouse
Code: rat_v2
icon image of product80.00 OUT OF
Octave Fuzz
Code: octafuzz_v2
icon image of product61.00 OUT OF
Overdrive 2
Code: od_v2
icon image of product83.00 OUT OF
Overdrive2 MOSFET Conversion Kit
Code: OD_Mosfet
icon image of product9.00 OUT OF
Parametric EQ
Code: ParaEQ
icon image of product89.00 OUT OF
Phase Royal
Code: PhaseRoy
icon image of product79.00 OUT OF
Reverb 2
Code: reverb
icon image of product69.00 OUT OF
Stereo Analog Flanger
Code: flanger
icon image of product105.00 OUT OF
Swede (Black enclosure /w orange knobs)
Code: swede_dlx
icon image of product67.50 OUT OF
Swede (Unpainted enclosure)
Code: swede_pln
icon image of product61.00 OUT OF
Code: trem
icon image of product65.50 OUT OF
Wah Kit (drop in only)
Code: dropin
icon image of product83.00 OUT OF
Yellow Overdrive
Code: yellow_od
icon image of product60.00 OUT OF


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