NEWLY REDESIGNED!!!! The BYOC Reverb 2 now features the Belton BTDR-2 - all the same great tone as the original Belton "brick" reverb module, but half the size. Half the size means a smaller enclosure and less £££. The Belton BTDR reverb modules have quickly become regarded by DIYers and boutique pedal builders as one of the best digital spring reverb modules ever. Despite it's clunky size (which has earned it its nickname, "The Brick"), it's easy to design around, is low noise, and just sounds better than any of the DSP reverb modules. We designed an entirely new circuit around the Belton "Brick" that could utilize the module to its fullest potential and give guitarists the features they need and want from a reverb, but still keep it simple and easy to build and use. With Reverb Level and Dwell knobs, you can dial in anything from just a subtle hint of vintage spring reverb to giant cathedral reverberation that lingers forever. Surf to New Wave. Rockabilly to Garage Rock. The BYOC Reverb has it covered. It can run on a single 9v battery or 9VDC power supply, but it can also use an 18VDC power supply for increased headroom.