By now you should know that the overwhelming majority of overdrives on the market today are Tube Screamer clones or a modified version of a Tube Screamer. Even some of the "MOSFET" overdrives are simply modified tubescreamers.

The BYOC Overdrive 2 raises the bar for TS based boutique overdrives. It has a 2nd independant boost channel while still easily fitting into a 125b size enclosure to save you precious pedal board real estate. The PCB was designed with the builder in mind, so wiring it up and fitting it into the enclosure is a breeze. The BYOC Overdrive 2 also comes with parts for all the essential Tube Screamer mods that have proven to be the favorites of guitar players so you can take tone into your own hands and customize the overdrive pedal you've been searching for.

*Please note this kit does NOT come with the MOSFET conversion, which is sold separately.