The BOSS BD-2 is one of the most loved current production pedals. It offers a massive range of gain from a nearly perfect clean boost an almost full-on distortion. It is a FET based overdrive that offers a nice alternative to all the tube screamer and klon based clones. It is touted as being able to reproduce the tone of not just a tube amp, but an old tube amp. The BYOC Blue Overdrive provides all the tone of the original BD-2, but with all metal film resistors and capacitors an true bypass, it delivers it with less noise and zero tone suck when in bypass. The BD-2 is also one of the best circuits to modify. The BYOC Blue Overdrive is a lot easier to modify than a stock BOSS pedal. There's TONS of BD-2 mods out there. We offer a separate mod pack to perform one of the most common BD-2 mods.

This version comes in a blue painted case.