The BYOC Analog Delay kit features 100% true mechanical bypass with a dry out and boasts four 4096 step BBD (Bucket Brigade Delay) chips. Each BBD chip has its own dedicated clock driver chip to provide the lowest amount of clock noise and most efficient operation.

With a 16,384 bucket brigade delay line, the BYOC analog delay isn't going to give you pristine clear bell like repeats. If you want that, you had better get yourself a digital delay. If you've never played an analog delay before, you should know that the repeats will be grainy and have some distortion. But if analog is the only thing that will do if for you, and you need more than the typical 300ms analog delay, then this is the delay for you.

The kit also has a Short/Long switch. This switch completely bypasses 3 of the 4 BBD stages to give you a perfect vintage slapback delay tone similar to a DM-2 in addition to having one of the longest analog delay times available today. The repeats are clearer when in short mode, but still distinctly analog.

This kit is extremely difficult and is not recommended for beginners. The BYOC main site recommends having this kit prebuilt if you don't think you are up to the challenge. Unfortunately, at the moment, Vibe-O-Tronic does not provide a prebuilt service.

Setting up the internal trimpots does not require an oscilloscope, but if you don't have one, it is strongly recommended that you have a signal tester at the very least. (See the signal test probe in the "Miscellaneous" section)

There is a instructional video on how to build this kit. Click here to view it